Voxee's VoIP Exchange platform is a mission-critical switching backbone which empowers VoIP operators to provide reliable, flexible and secure services to their customers.

Offering the functionality, telecom-grade performance, scalability exceeding current market offerings, and deployed on an open industry-standard platform, Voxee is changing the way VoIP Operators are reaching out to their customers.

Thanks to its unique multi profile switching main frame fabric, Voxee is capable of supporting any amount of traffic over multiple protocols at a fraction of the total cost of ownership.

Non-legacy, next generation, feature-rich Switching platform

We only use the latest NGN Switches and infrastructure equipped with the latest build and customization to ensure the ability to provide best of breed solutions.

Easy to use web interface for configuring and managing your partition

By providing customers with an easy to use web interface, we hope that you will find it a breeze to configure your switch and quickly start doing what matters most, making money! Having 24x7 online support also means you have the piece of mind to run your business knowing we are behind you all the way.

Pay as you grow pricing scheme

Only pay for what you need, we are only a phone call away if you require additional capacity. We can have additional ports ready for you within a matter of hours and not days.

Unlimited scalability

Our platform is currently one of the largest deployed over 4 locations. Due to our initial heavy time spent on deployment and network, we are able to accommodate large capacity scaling without limits.

Best of Class Advanced routing features

Utilising Telco-grade infrastructure, we are able to provide the best and most advanced routing capabilities.

Unbeaten interoperability

Tried and tested with most 3rd party Gateways, switches, billing, IVRs and media servers - we take the term interoperable to new standards! Mediation and settlement is also greatly simplified for connections over different signaling networks. We support real time and batch interfaces for usage data retrieval from different network elements and from multiple vendors.

Supports Real-time AAA and mediation

Our switching platform is able to mediate data through a wide variety of network equipment. CDR compatible applications are easily supported through our GUI configuration tools and Vendor Specific Attributes extensions in addition to proprietary protocols.

SIP-H.323 functionality
We provide FULL SIP -H.323 protocol conversion and vice-versa

Comprehensive online billing and customer care for prepaid and postpaid (Optional)

Being a full solutions provider, we also provide the option of using our online billing platform to rate and monitor the minutes passing through your switch. Voxee's switch Partitions are powered by Carrier Grade Nextone Multi-protocol Session Controller clusters spread over 4 different locations throughout the US ensuring that maximum uptime. Fully managed and maintained by VoIP experts, we provide technical support and online help to ensure that you are maximizing your time on making money. We will help improve your cash flow by removing the need to purchase and maintain your own VoIP infrastructure

The VoIP Opportunity

With a rapidly evolving VoIP market, it allows new and incumbent carriers alike to offer high-quality advanced services at very competitive. However, the cost of equipment and manpower is a huge deterrent to enter this lucrative market. At voxee, we help manage your risk by lowering your initial cost of investment and by providing the technical expertise to manage those services. Voxee provides a one stop soltuion with a comprehensive billing and customer care for prepaid and postpaid end users. Voxee's Billing platform enables your switch to provide billing services for prepaid and postpaid users. The real-time interaction with the switch enables our billing to control the call and cut it off as the customer's balance bottoms out, preventing leakage and securing the ROI. It provides up to date account information for both your end users and your CSRs. Using our Web client, CSRs can easily create, search and modify accounts, view activities, balances and invoices and manage support issues. Full billing and rating capabilities ensure that all mins are logged and accounted for.

Time to Market

WE bring you up and running within days with 24/7 support and training in a complete package.

Voxee's marketplace

Voxee's unique Marketplace architecture allows immediate interconnects with over 100of the world's leading Telco's and service providers. Customers can lease interconnect circuits based on their requirements.

Totally Hands free

For a no fuss switching platform, Voxee also provide a fully Managed Switching service. Based on your requirements, we will manage and maintain all your interconnects and relationships with different carriers and ensure that you always have the best pricing related to your requirements

Voxee's payment Gateway

Take advantage of Voxee's payment Platform to ensure timely payment for traffic passing through your switch. We encourage the use of voxee's escrow service to ensure that all parties are protected and any discrepancies worked out by a third party.
For more information, contact Sales at +1 480 366 5950 or email enterprise@voxee.com