About Us

Founded in 2005, Voxee is a privatly held company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and offices in Los Angeles and Singapore. Our datacenters are conveniently located in Los Angeles and Phoenix, which are some of the biggest peering points in the United States.

Voxee also has another division, nextiva.com which provides business broadband to small to medium sized businesses.

We are passionate about helping anyone get connected over IP. We will provide the necessary expertise and resources to successfully implement and maintain your VoIP Services while you take care of business. Our believe is that everybody should be benefiting from VoIP.

Here are some key benefits of using Voxee:

Customer Service Driven

We are all about service! Nothing pleases us more than to hear words of gratitude from customers who have truly turned in cost savings over their long distance bills. We take great pride in telling the world that everybody here at Voxee values each and every individual customer and will do everything within our reach to ensure the best possible experience.

Price-Quality Focus

The market is already clouded with many VoIP providers trying to undercut each other, mostly resulting either in poor call quality or providers turning to fraud. Our rates are priced based on the best possible combination of quality versus price. While striving to provide you the best possible business-class prices, we do not sacrifice on quality.

Superb Internet Connectivity

All our VoIP servers and gateways are located in carrier grade datacenters which boast excellent network connectivity. We do not simply rent an ADSL line and run service off them but rather we colocate our servers in top datacenters so that you are connected in the fastest possible way to us. Within 20ms of receiving your call, it is handed off to top Tier-1 carriers for direct termination.


We are start-up friendly and therefore no monthly minimum volume commitments to quality for our highly competitive prices. You can now build your own VoIP service and compete head on with the big boys for a share of the booming VoIP market, yet pose a competitive edge because of our aggressive pricing to leading destinations.