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Bringing to you Best of breed applications to handle your VOIP infrastructure, Voxee’s billing platform is a Carrier Grade billing and management solution for your Gateways and Session border controllers. We enable operators to take back control of your network, regardless of how many devices in your network.

We support most SIP, H.323, MGCP or SS7 devices seamlessly. Our customized architecture allows our servers to handle more records per second than most billing solutions currently available ensuring total reliability and 100% accuracy.

Current VoIP operators who have different equipments over their network would be able to use our billing platform to maximize the use of both their old and new equipment over 1 billing platform.

Error correction

All data is verified as it is collected, stored, and forwarded to ensure accuracy.

Web interface

Secure web access to your billing platform via your browser ensures that all your devices can be monitored through a single interface. It is windows based and simply point and click so you don’t have to remember any commands.

Current status of system

With Status Viewer, we provide the ability to see in real time current processing status of each link in your billing network, any alerts that you might have and general maintenance issue that might arise. Optimum performance of your billing system.

Billing is based on Trunk Groups

By using trunk groups to control all inbound and outbound traffic in your switch,your traffic can be grouped into E1 and T1s. This is provides fine grain control over individual ports which then can be shared by multiple customers.

Advanced routing features

ORouting can be done by prefix, priorities, ASR, ALOC, IP addresses, Time of day etc. Rates can be easily uploaded via web interface. Our advanced Rating engine provides real time billing for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Voxbill will also maintain a history of changes in the rates so you will be able to trace and monitor prices. Voxbill also enables you to use multiple rating properties to maximize your revenue and give flexibility to your rates, eg. Time of day, source IP and prefix.

Extensive CDR reports

Processes and monitors all mins through the switch with or without pricing to ensure that no mins are lost. Each Individual CDRs are based on trunk groups and resellers, to give very detailed information for you to process.

CDRs can be customized and organize into hours, days, weeks and months. Full QOS logging enables you to fine-tune your network based on the information obtained from the CDR.

Customer Care

CDRs can be individualized for each of your customers so that you can accurately monitor each of your customers’ traffic and provide them 1st level support and invoices.

Multiple Alarms

Our billing is able to setup multiple alerts for each individual trunk groups to ensure that your routes are all in optimal conditions. Alerts can be based on Cause codes, ASR, ACD, reseller thresholds, latency, etc. Alerts are also created if a link is down or if one node in the network fails a sequence check. Alarms are sent out via email or pager.

For more information, contact Sales at +1 480 366 5950 or email enterprise@voxee.com